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A TOOL-Related Article

Publication: The Melbourne Age

Date: November 1, 1996

Transcribed by Daniel Steadman (

Well, it's the best review I've read..

author: Andrew Masterson

Aenima - Tool

Califorian quartet Tool have succeeded on this album in producing some of
the most profoundly disturbing music ever committed to disc. This is not a
negative observation; quite the opposite. A strong Gothic thread runs
through the solid guitar, bass and drum compositions, a darkness of vision
and, above all, a sense of bleak inevitability that owes more to the
mystical visions of Aleister Crowley, W.B. Yeats and John Milton than the
Hammer Horro trademarks that usually suffuse the genre. Tool songs are
sprawling, creeping creatures that balance power-chord thumpings with long
quiet passages, often edgy and percussive, topped with vocals that switch
from distant, sad repetitions (as in the mournful Eulogy) to the screams of
the damned (as in the final track, Third Eye). It is usually the quieter
passages that succeed in producing a disconcerting unease - simultaneously
compelling and uncomfortable.

There is little here to suit commercial radio format and nothing remotely
resembling a love song. Tool manage to evoke the nameless fears that lie at
the centre of the soul, the half-formed monsters and demons that prowl in
the unconscious and which the light of reason can never quite illuminate.

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