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A TOOL-Related Article

Publication: Metal CD Magazine

Date: October 1993

Transcribed by The_Muff_Man (

 title: 500RPM
author: Mark Blake

Tool's Maynard James Keenan is a serious kinda guy. But the last of the 
mohicans reveals a musical taste spanning the Plasmatics and PJ Harvey 
in his choice of favourite CDs.

ALLTIME TOP 5:"This is hard.Actually, I couldn't even begin to put 
together that kind of list......Oh okay then, but in no particular 
order. I'd have to play the Pretenders - Extended Play. This was a 5 
Track EP that came in between Pretenders 1 and 11. There was agreat song 
on it called Porcelain that wasn't on any of their other albums."
        AC/DC - Powerage. "A lot of people talk about Back in Black and 
Highway to Hell as the classic AC/DC albums, but they suck compared to 
Powerage. Everything has a weird poppy feel to it."
        KISS - Hotter than Hell. "I grew up on them. What else can you 
        Pink Floyd - Animals. "I'm not necessarily a big Pink Floyd fan 
but I like the continuity of that album. It just seems to flow and I 
like the way it's so slow. If you've ever heard them do it live it seems 
even slower."
        The Plasmatics - Metal Priestess. "This was a big transition 
point between hardcore and punk, and this was this abomination of a band 
that just came out of it. All they did was take punk rock elements and 
just play heavy metal. 

FIRST ALBUM BROUGHT:"The Micheal Jackson album that had the song "Ben" 
on it. I was a kid at the time and I just loved that song."

LAST ALBUM BROUGHT:"It was the new PJ Harvey album Rid of me. It was 
recommended to me by a friend, and then I saw it on MTV and that decided 
it for me. It's a good record. I like it."

FAVOURITE DRIVING ALBUM:"I'm never at home enough to drive anymore.And 
our bass player just threw his car stereo out of the window while he was 
driving,because one of the channels blew up. I was listening to Bill 
Hick(cult US comedian) tape on the tour bus the other day. When he's not 
doing stand-up he has his own rock band called Marblehead Johnson. They 
play alot of blues and straight hard rock.

ALBUM MOST LIKELY TO BUT NEXT:"I'm waiting to hear the new Swans stuff. 
They're a New York underground band who have been around for about 10 
years. I've been following them for a long time."

FAVOURITE HARD ROCK/NON METAL ALBUM:"I like a lot  of jazz,so how about 
Ahmer Jamal live at the Montreal Jazz Festival 1985. I also listen to 
Tom Waits - anything from 'Swordfishtrombone' or 'Rain Dogs' to the last 
one 'Bone Machine'.

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