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A TOOL-Related Article

Publication: Baltimore Sun

Date: October 10, 1996

Transcribed by Adam Newberry and Jason Hoover (

  page: in the music reviews in the "Live" section
author: J.D. Considine

        In a way, the most disturbing thing about tool isn't the way its
songs plunb the depths of the alienation and anomie, but the way Danny
Carey's light, clear tenor floats above the band's guitars.  It's a great
effect, like glimpsing an angels wings through the smoke and flames of
hell, and it's central to the success of "anima."  Carey doesn't dominate
the album;  indeed, his voice often seems secondary to the bands
instrumental components, which build tension with the ominois
determination of fire ants.  But when it breaks through the murk, as in
the chorus to "Eulogy," it offers an almost cathartic sense of release. 
Not every song cuts loose like that;  the churning "Forty Six" for
instance, throbs like a back itch that just can't be reached.  But the
best tracks, like "Stink Fist" and Jimmy," offer the sort of emotional
breath and dynamic range rarely found in rock and roll. 

I copied this directly from the article, there are no typos, the
discrepencies between the article and reality are actually there.

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