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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Modern Drummer

Date: October, 1998

Transcribed by
Taylor Roelofs (

  page: 102
 title: Highlights of Modern Drummer's Festival Weekend 
author: n/a

     A large contingent of the Festival audience were rock-oriented 
drummers, many of whom had come specifically to see Tool's Danny 
Carey. They weren't disappointed. Combining rudimental sticking 
technique, double-bass skill, imaginative rhythmic concepts, acoustic 
and electronic sounds, and sheer driving power, Danny demonstrated why 
he is one of modern rock's leading percussive figures. He also proved 
himself an expressive and articulate clinician, fielding questions and 
discussing his musical philosophy. 
     As the finale of his performance, Danny perfomed along with a 
track from Tool's new album. His dynamic playing left the Festival 
audience on its feet and cheering. The accolades increased when Danny 
was called back on stage to receive a plaque commemorating his win as 
best hard rock drummer in the 1998 MD Readers Poll.

*A note to Danny Carey fans - the Festival videos are available for 
sale in this issue of Modern Drummer for $24.95 each (there are 2 

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