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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: O.C. Weekly

Date: October, 1999

Transcribed by
Jack Frost (

  page: 140
 title: "This Week in Troll Rock: A Perfect Circle"
author: Arrissia Owen

(With the article appeared a small picture of Maynard (wearing shades, 
 to obscure his face, of course) and his little dog.)

Tool fans grinding their teeth down to nubs in anticipation of more 
Maynard J. Keenan after Tool's 1996 Grammy-nominated album Aenima, 
better call their dentist. Sigh. Tool is only now dragging itself into 
the studio as you read this, having had the life sucked out of them by 
label woes and the mysterious jailing of a band member. That kind of 
stuff puts a damper on the creativity, man.

(Sidenote: Is this for real? I knew about the shit with the label, but 
who got arrested?)

But there was hope in a distant quarter. Laundry's insanely talented 
vocalist/drummer (and former Primus drummer) Tim Alexander. Failure's 
guitarist Billy Howerdal, guitarist Troy Van Leewan and bassist Paz 
Lenchantin were sitting around thier pools, sipping smoothies trying 
to figure out the perfect ingredient for their metal quintet, A 
Perfect Circle, which was still more like a square at that point.

(Sidenote: What an insipid little paragraph, no?)

And what do you know? As it turns out, Maynard was available - tired 
of picking up crap from those little creepy monsters from the videos 
while on hiatus. He's a rock star! He needs an outlet for his twisted 
lyrics and dark imagery!

(Sidenote: Is it just me, or does this get worse as it goes?)

His Toolmates were cool with Maynard's decision to branch out, so he 
has been rehearsing with A Perfect Circle for close to seven months 
(Maynard claimed 3 years in his KROQ appearance). The night before 
Tool headlined at Coachella, Maynard made his debut performance with A 
Perfect Circle. Things are going so well that A Perfect Circle have 
been talking to Tool's new label, Volcano, about a potential release. 
(And, after having seen them, I REALLY hope they do...)

So, if you like what you hear, you can now enjoy double the Maynard. 
And there's always room for more Maynard. But don't expect Toolesque 
sounds from A Perfect Circle. It's a different creepy. (Yeah, 

(Sidenote: See A Perfect Circle, you won't regret it...)

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