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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Metal Edge

Date: October, 2000

Transcribed by
bokonon (

  page: 30
 title: P.O.D.:  Holy Return of the Rock
author: Cathy A. Campagna

What is funny about this article is that A Perfect Circle is On 
the Cover and P.O.D. basicly bashes maynard in this part of 
the interview.

ME:  Do you guys ever listen to darker music like Slayer, 
Morbid Angel, Deidide...?
Marcos:  We grew up listening to it, when i met Wuv I was 
like "Hey man, you like Slayer, Metallica?"  He's like, "Yes, I 
do." so I was like, "Lets Jam." So we put our gear into his 
garage and started rocking.  But as we grew musically, we 
were like, "That's all good," and we incorporated it inot what 
P.O.D. was doing...
W:  We listen to all kinds of music, but it gets to a point 
where you listen to something receptively and you ask 
yourself--Is this making me a better person?  Like, if you're 
saying the "F" word all day long, then you're going to start 
feeling that way.  If you listen to angry music, you're going to 
go out with an attitude.  It doesn't mean that we don't like 
the music because it's catchy, but with Slayer, we like them 
and grew up listening to them, but i don't pop it in today.  

When you have kids, you don't want your kids listening to 
M:  Getting off metal, if you listen to N.W.A.'s old album, it's 
like "I'm going to do a drive=by and bust your butt." You 
know, negative in, negative out.  Basically, right now the 
trend is to be a whiner.  
S:  Everybody is complaining about something--like the 
government--but nobody's really offering a solution.  a lot of 
bands are selling records but they're either pimps, hustlers or 
they are whining because their life is so bad. "I just sold 10 
million albums but life is still bad."  Then you're saying you 
have no peace of mind or joy in your heart.  You could be the 
biggest band, have the rock'n' roll life style, but your still 
unhappy inside.  That's something our music brings, we have 
that joy and that happiness in our hearts, from God.  That
sall we canaccredit it to.  I mean, for us, we're not anyone's 
saviors, but we know that God is bigger than that.  It comes 
through prayer, asking, "Hey Gopd, help me out." and we 
believe that works.
M:  We love to see bands that don't believe in God, but they 
write seven songs bashing him.  If you don't believe in the 
Guy, obviously He's doing something to your heart, because 
you're angry.
S:  I don't believe in aliens, so I'm not going to waste an 
album writing about how there are aliens in the sky and how 
they are coming to New York.
M:  I'm not going to write a song named'Judith."  That's all 
i've got to say, because Maynard (Keenan, fronman for A 
Perfect Circle) talks a lot trash about people, and I'm not 
ashamed to tell him straight up-- You're making money off 
him (Jesus) dude, that's all you're doing.
s:  Blasphemy sells.
M:  Hey, if i were (Keenan, I'd dedicate the next album to 
him-- "Thank you, Jesus, for all the money.  I don't believe 
in you, b ut thanks.  I wrote like 20 songs in Tool and then i 
wrote four in A Perfect Circle."
W:  How about a book--"How to Diss Jesus Successfully"

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