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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Metal Edge Magazine

Date: September, 2001

Transcribed by
Alekcey Yevdokimov (

  page: 141
 title: Playback: Lateralus Special Review
author: Lisa Panzariello

As if the success of A Perfect Circle wasn't enough to satiate 
the senses, TOOL have rejoiced their fans with one of the 
year's anticipated albums. Was it strange to have the album 
released in the midst of frontman Maynard James Keenan's 
success with side project A Perfect Circle? Yes. Would the 
album have been worth the wait had TOOL held it longer? 
Yes. Are fans complaining? No. And based on the more than 
75 minutes that are Lateralus, Tool's fourth release, we 
shouldn't be anything but thankful. 
  Opening track "The Grudge" kicks with infamous bass lines 
that are TOOL's signature, taking us right back to the musical 
place they've brought us numerous times before. But brace 
yourself for the lyrics, as Keenan steers away from the veil of 
cryptic disillusionment he so often hides behind, showing a 
bit of the character and depth we saw with A Perfect Circle. In 
short, it all just makes more sense. "The Patient" starts off 
slow with beautifully melodic vocals before slamming into a 
heavier tone two minutes in. Lead single "Schism"- which is a 
lot more radio-friendly than the bulk of the album- is frightful 
and sends chills down your spine, the pounding bass drums a 
huge factor in adding to the infectious TOOL groove, and if 
you're a churchgoer- or were, for that matter- then Keenan's 
priestly voice makes you listen to every word he preaches 
on "Parabol." "Ticks and Leeches" bellows with overwhelming 
double bass drums, matching Keenan's almost impossibly 
fast paced vocals. "Lateralis" maybe what "Stinkfist" was to 
AEnima, while "Disposition" rings through as the sappiest 
song on this album, bongo drums and soft guitars swing it 
into a headspace vastly different than many of the 
preceeding tracks. 
  Still stuck on A Perfect Circle? Lateralus is TOOL's reminder 
of who came first, as well as their bold declaration of power- 
They remain the masters of heavy metal art rock!

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