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A TOOL-Related Article

Publication: Hartford Courant

Date: Unknown, 1996

Transcribed by Gary Desai (

 title: TOOL-Aenima
author: Justin Seremet

        Either Tool os trying to be prophetic with it's multi-image vision,
inside the CD box, of California sinking into the ocean, leaving a few
islands behind, or it's simply a metaphor for the group's effect on the
listener: It makes the ground shake.
        Anyway you cut it, Tool is a metal powerhouse, with it's Black
Sabbath guitar riffs, dark and ominous lyrics and a few melodies reminiscent
of Soundgarden's earlier years.  Like the previous "Undertow," "Aenima" has
some long-winded eight-minute tracks, but they rock nevertheless.
        The group has quickly developed a following, with the album opening
at No. 2 on the Billboard charts.  But don't expect to see Tool anywhere
else on the charts. Songs like "Stinkfist" aren't likely to show up on Casey
Casem's Top 40.
        In other words, unless you like the heavy stuff, stay away. Otherwise,
enjoy the tribal beats of "46 & 2", the patient staccato rhythm of "Eulogy"
and singer Maynard Keenan's sharp yells on "Jimmy". Keenan's lyrics are
sometimes vague(a lyric sheet would have been nice), but that adds to the
shroud of mystery that surrounds Tool.
        You will not hear many tracks from Aenima on the radio or jukeboxes.
No matter.  Tool's latest album reinforces its stature as a serious,
intelligent, angry band.  If anything, Tool's sound is better than ever.

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