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A TOOL-Related Article

Publication: The Daily Evergreen at Washington State University

Date: Sometime 1996

Transcribed + Written by

CD Review - Tool Aenima 4 &1/2 stars  (by Forrest)

Looking at the cover and reading the liner notes of Tool's new C.D. 
Aenima I wonder, can a band be this far out there? This isn't MTV's
"scary" Marilyn Manson, Tool is for real.  They delve into dark territory
on =C6nema, nothing new to fans who have Opiate and Undertow, or have seen
them live, but unsettling none the less. New bassist Justin Chancellor
fits right in with his pounding bass and hairstyle (shaved head except for
devil horns in the front).  Three years after Undertow brought them
commercial success, Tool's third album shows off their creative side. No
significant change in their sound, it is still loud, dark, experimental,
and powerful.  Maynard James Keenan rips through his lyrics with a somber
ferocity that must be experienced live to fully appreciate. The first song
"Stinkfist", slams you back into your seat. Here we go again, Tool is
pissed off, and venting anger. It's going to be a fun ride. "Eulogy"  is
the fiercest song on =C6nema as Maynard demands, "would you die for me? /
don't you fucking lie / don't you step out of line...../ don't you fucking
lie." Guitarist Adam Jones adds signature guitar sounds to "Eulogy" that
will have anyone with a pedal trying to re-create.  Every song on the
album deserves to be repeated; "H" is killer, "Useful Idiot" flows into
the pounding "Forty Six and 2."  "Message to Harry Manback" is just
bizarre, but it is some bad-ass shit to say to somebody.  Tool warns away
those who are just jumping on the bandwagon with a vengeance in "Hooker
With a Penis".  The circus music in "Intermission" catches you off guard,
you feel like you are riding a roller coaster in the dark, and your
knuckles get white as you wait for the next twist.  Rhythmic base and
guitar accompany Danny Carey's pounding drums in "Jimmy," as Maynard
drifts through troublesome memories. Another eccentric track is "Die Eier
Von Satan," which is spoken word German with machine-like sounds and a
frenzied crowd in the background. You want to know what the voice is
saying, but at the same time, maybe it is better that you don't know.  It
is just Tool trying to scare us however, as it is just a recipe for a
pastry that includes hash in it's list of ingredients (you can get cool
information like that at  Maynard makes an
interesting father, he talks about unique challenges that he faces in
"Pushit."  This song is a long one, 5 seconds under 10 minutes, the end is
not for the faint of heart.  "Cesaro Summability" might relate to
"Pushit," or lead into the next song "=C6nema," decide for yourself.
"Aenema," the title track, describes an apocalyptic west coast earthquake
that drops California into the Pacific and makes beach front property out
of Arizona, as the song goes, "the only way to fix it is to flush it all
away / any fucking time / any fucking day / learn to swim / see you down
in / Arizona Bay."  I don't know what the sound in "(-) Ions" is supposed
to be, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Bottom line is that it
is just another tripped out Tool song, enjoy it. "Third Eye" is a thirteen
minute song dedicated to psychedelics, there are some great sound bytes in
it, but that's what you expect from Tool. 

 Aenema's 15 tracks are meant to be listened to in order, some songs
lead right into others.  It is also as long as a C.D. can be, nearly
78 minutes of pulse raising music. If you are a serious Tool fan, you
already have this album.  If you liked Opiate and Undertow, you will
love Aenema.

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