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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Eye

Date: Sometime, 1998

Transcribed by
Orsolya (

 title: TOOL The Art of Aenemation
author: Janeane Garsh

Tool, the art of aenemation
by Janeane Garsh

     I have to confess: a recent interview with Adam Jones (gut-tar player for rock's most bio-logical role players, 
Tool), didn't end with me saying: "I see."  It ended with Adam saying: "Eye.  See?"
     Director of Tool's infamous Sober video and grooup album art co-ordinator, this special effects artist turned 
musician finds the accolades he's been recieving slightly distressing.  "It's so much more than just me," he 
 "It's ideas collected within the band.  I only execute them because I've had some experience."

     Some experience?  Adam was on Schwarzenegger's bulletproofing team in T2.  He also helped design the 
Jurrasic Park "Spitter" (the dino that had the fat guy singing: "It's over!").
     Discussing the Aenima inlay card art makes it easier to see where he's coming from.
     "Everything was done in under a week, by a whole bunch of us," he remembered.  "It was a second 
nightmare, and it didn't turn out exactly as we wanted, but it never does."
     Given the results, they must have worked 24/7.  Aenima contains no fewer than four lentricular images, 
three that act as covers, the fourth being the J-Box (where the CD sits).  Lenticular design involves layering 
similar images under a flat, ribbed, plastic surface; slow rotation creates the illusion of movement.  Forty flying 
eyes adorn one cover; a rolling eye, the second; band and "friend," the third.  THe J-Box is an interesting map 
of California falling into the ocean (also the subject of the song Aenema).

     "Our manager, Ted Gardener, showed me the Bauhaus tribute with a moving Nosferatu [vampire]," Adam 
said.  "It looked wild.  So Ted get's the bredit for getting it all started."
     We know how it got finished.  But what does it all mean, Adam?  "The closest I can say is: don't be looking 
for a huge message, but by all means, be looking.  Everyone wants quick fixes - we want you to think."
     Or, as antother song on the album suggests: open up your Third Eye, people!  Inlay card-darrier "purple 
man" did it - and he's kinda sorta smiling.  Who want's to be close-monded anyways?

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