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A TOOL-Related Interview

A Brief MTV / 120 Minutes Chat with Maynard

Date: Summer 1993

Transcribed by Mike `Shmoo' Smuland (

        This comes from a Lolla '93 special that 120 minutes did back
when (ick) Lewis Largent hosted the show.  All vocal blunders are included.
The only thing I'm not sure of is the proper spelling of "Cam Deleon."
        Unfortunately you can't see the 0:30 of Maynard slamming his leg
along with "Sweat."

Lewis Largent:  Here we are at 120 Minutes.  I'm Lewis Largent backstage
                at Lollapalooza '93 and our first band conversation, um,
                of the day - this is Maynard, the lead singer of Tool.

                You're playing the second stage today and then you're
                going to play, I guess, the main stage half way through.

                You have, uh, a new video that is absolutely amazing that
                was done by, I guess, the guy who did "Three Little Pigs,"
                which was one of the biggest videos that we played on, uh,
                on MTV, uh, did you, uh, did that have, uh, you both are
                on the same label as well.  Uh, how did you find him and
                uh, how did the video end up comin' about?

Maynard:        We were friends with Fred Stuhr for awhile, uhm, actually
                before the Green Jello video, uh, actually got started and
                Adam's worked with him a lot.  In fact, uh, Cam Deleon and,
                and Fred Stuhr actually worked on the sculpture that's on
                the cover of Opiate, so ... we've known him for awhile.

Lewis Largent:  Well, it's a pretty amazing video.  You're going to check
                it out right now.  This is, uh, Tool - "Sober" on 120


        How Largent got that job is beyond me.  This was painful for me
to transcribe so I hope you liked it even though it's short.  You'll have
to trust me that the look on Maynard's face is absolutely precious.

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