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This site is now an archive; it is no longer being
updated. See here and here for details.


available tours:

add a concert review while you are still sweating ... and breathing

Most of the site's visitors are itching to read what you have to say.

One fan once wrote "I even stopped in internet cafes in Europe while the tour was going on there just to check reviews."

But nobody wants to read:

  • your dream setlist
  • responses to other posts - take it to private email.
  • your requests for bootlegs

So don't post any of that. Keep this worth reading!

Also note, as in the past, reviews are only accepted for about a week after the show. So get to it.

You can include what number Tool show this is for you (1st, 10th, 100th) by copying / pasting this text into your review!!

  • This was my [B]1st[/B] Tool show.

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