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11\30\10 Aloha!

So, about that extra tour date Tool announced in Hawaii - it had been uploaded but didn't post due to us being on vacation. Thanks to all who wrote in and properly berated us for slacking. It is now listed on the Tour page. §

[Posted by Kabir]

10\27\10 Down Under-tow

An additional two shows have been announced for later this summer in Australia (which, of course, is winter for those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere). Check the Tour page for the info on these two dates, which are Tool-only, not Big Day Out festival dates. Longer setlists, anyone? §

[Submitted by Jon Michie | Posted by Kabir]

09\28\10 Austoolia

Tool will be headlining the Big Day Out festival early next year, playing six shows around Australia and New Zealand! Check out the Tour page for all the info. And no, they will not be playing upside down. §

[Submitted by Levon Hudson | Posted by Kabir]

08\25\10 A Quarter Million

As preparations for the early stages of writing a new Tool album get underway, here's a little diversion for you all. Check out this mashup of icons from the top 1,000,000 websites (as ranked by Alexa).

icon mashup

Why share it here? Well, way down there along the right hand side, you can find t.d.n's very own lowercase "t" logo -- apparently, we're currently the 249,538th most popular website in the world. (You can see the zoomed-in version here. It's hard to say how good or bad that is; last fall, we briefly got into the top 75,000, but given that there's no tour and no new album, I will just say "good job, everyone!" §

[Posted by Kabir]

08\17\10 Anniversary

Wow - today marks the 15th anniversary of The Tool Page going live! I'm not sure if I am encouraged or freaked out that we have readers who were not born when this all started, but either way, quite a milestone. And here's a bit of a t.d.n birthday gift to you all: fresh off the end of another successful tour, Danny tells me that now it's back to writing for the band! So that's something for everyone to look forward to, as we move into our sixteenth year. Thanks to everyone for coming by over the years. §

[Posted by Kabir]

07\11\10 Hooked Up

Hey folks, looks like we forgot to mention that the Ticket Hookup is back! This feature of the Tour section offers you the chance to get/sell tickets to shows on the current tour at face value, as a way of helping out other fans. So even though the tour is half over, the Hookup will undoubtedly help get some of you in to see the band live. §

[Posted by Kabir]

06\25\10 Los Angeles x2

Alright, those LA shows are now officially back on the itinerary, and going on sale this morning! Looks like there will only be two, not three as was previously reported by various outlets. Get to it, and I'll see you there! §

[Posted by Kabir]

06\20\10 Posting Reviews

Hey folks, looks like over 17,000 of you have tried to read or post reviews from last night's show; unfortunately, we weren't clever enough around here to have enabled review posting until just now. Sorry about leaving you hanging, but it's working now, so get to posting! §

[Posted by Kabir]

06\19\10 The Tour Begins

Today is the first Tool show in nearly a year. For nearly fifteen years, fans have been writing concert reviews when they get home, and posting them here. So if you see one of these shows, make sure to the Tour page and post your thoughts! §

[Posted by Kabir]

04\27\10 On The Road Again!

Looks like Tool is hitting the road again this summer! Check the Tour section for newly-anounced shows! Word is the first of them go on sale this week. §

[Posted by Kabir]

02\16\10 Spiralling Out Into Space

Well this is pretty awesome. Yesterday morning, astronauts on the space shuttle Endeavour and the International Space Station were awakened by Tool's song "Parabola." No word yet if one can mosh in a zero-gravity environment. §

[Posted by Kabir]

01\20\10 New Album Rumors

Lots of rumors are being posted online about a new Tool record, but it is important to remember that in years past, there have always been interviews with band members saying "we're writing some new music", often more than a year before an album gets released. For what it's worth, a recent conversation I had with one of them left me feeling that it might be a little while yet. §

[Posted by Kabir]

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