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12\07\06 Grammy Nominations!

A few years back, Tool was nominated for (and won!) a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for "Ænema" and was nominated for Best Recording Package for "Ænima."

Well, it looks like history is repeating itself: this year Tool has been nominated for two Grammys. "Vicarious" is up for Best Hard Rock Performance (seems Tool isn't metal anymore ... whatever that means), against Nine Inch Nails, Buckcherry, Wolfmother, and System of a Down. Also, Adam (as art director) is nominated for Best Recording Package for the album "10,000 Days."

Of course, if they win, we'll all applaud loudly. If they lose, well, I'm sure we'll all just say "the Grammys don't count for anything anyway." We're so clever. §

[Submitted by Chad Montgomery | Posted by Kabir]

12\01\06 The Video Danny on BBC

According to, the band will be shooting a video for The Pot over the holidays. §

Danny (along w/ Brann Dailor of Mastadon) will be featured on Tuesday's episode of The Radio Rockshow. It's set to air at 7pm PST and will be available for download about a week later. §

[Posted by Chris]

11\26\06 One song to rule them all.

Given the recent Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, it seems that Tool has a little something new to be thankful for: The Pot is the currently king of Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. §

[Posted by Chris]

11\23\06 Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at The Tool Page. Here's hoping your holiday is happy and as drama-free as possible. Now get off the computer and go spend some quality time with family, friends, or your new Wii or PS3. §

[Posted by Kabir]

11\15\06 Tour Page Fixed

Whoa there. Seems we all fell asleep on the job and forgot to update the Tour page with reviews from the current European tour. The problem has been fixed; now you can go read which song from "Undertow" Tool has been playing this week...

Also the tour itinerary has been updated with the latest dates; of interest especially to our Japanese readers. §

[Posted by Kabir]

11\06\06 Barcelona Cancelled Forums are Back

We got an email from a reader in Spain to let us know that the Barcelona show (scheduled for Nov 3) had been cancelled. Sorry for being late on this one. §

The forums are back online. Send your thanks to Dan. §

[Posted by Chris]

10\31\06 Technical Difficulties

I just got word from Dan (who basically runs the forums) that the server hosting the forum software and database is having hardware problems. Someone's working on it, but we're not sure when it'll be back online. Be patient. §

[Posted by Chris]

10\19\06 Kabir Interview

So, Kabir (that's me) is interviewed on this week's Mediocre Show, a top-ranked podcast available from the iTunes store's Comedy Podcast page. The not-very-concise conversation touches a little on t.d.n, on the history of the site, on events in April, on Chris and Dan, and even covers a domain name that I was very surprised has not yet been registered.

You can download the show (episode 60) for free on iTunes! Check out the whole show; the part about t.d.n starts about 26 minutes in. Here's some info about the show for you to read while you listen:

"The Mediocre Show has also had the honor of being featured in Maxim Magazine's February issue, and in May they appeared on Satellite radio, and have been interviewed for various newspapers and on other podcasts. Also, various podcast sites have had the Mediocre Show as a featured show (including the iTunes Music Store, Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle, Odeo, and others) and they haven't left the iTunes "Top 100" since January 2006." §

[Posted by Kabir]

10\12\06 What's a Puscifer? Fret for 10,000 Tickets

Maynard's creative subconscious is alive, kicking, and online. §

[Submitted by Strates | Posted by Chris]

Most reports are that the Sydney BDO show sold out pretty quickly, but a t.d.n reader saves the day with this little tidbit, thanks to Channel V:

"In light of this massive demand we have felt it necessary to stop sales, and will advise in a few days how the final 10,000 tickets will be made available."

Good luck, Sydney fans. §

[Submitted by Eamon | Posted by Chris]

10\04\06 Tool is Out

Tool are confirmed to play this year's Big Day Out festival in Australia and New Zealand. §

[Submitted by Eamon Barling | Posted by Chris]

10\03\06 Double Digits

Well clearly we all were too busy this weekend to post this tidbit: Saturday marked the tenth anniversary of the US release of "Ænima"! Since then the record has been certified triple platinum (denoting sales of over 3,000,000 copies), making it the best-selling Tool record to date. Take a moment to reflect: how was your life when "Ænima" came out ... ten years ago? (Man, we are all getting so old.) §

[Posted by Kabir]

09\23\06 Shades of Cozened Indigo

Official lyrics for "The Pot" have been released and are now posted to the Lyrics section. Go check them out, see just how wrong you were! §

[Posted by Kabir]

09\20\06 10,000 * 300

Sometime in the last few days, this site just welcomed its three millionth different person ("unique visitor", as they are called by web stats geeks) this year! Amazing to consider how many people have come by in 2006, and the year still isn't over. Thanks to everyone for still dropping by; keep spreading the word about The Tool Page, and maybe we can have another milestone day before the year is out. §

[Posted by Kabir]

09\19\06 Tonight's Show Cancelled

Tonight's show in Madison has been cancelled. WJJO radio says the following:

The Tool concert scheduled for tonight at the Kohl Center has been canceled due to an illness in the band. There will be no make-up date scheduled for this show.

Again, the illness mentioned is likely Maynard being sick. §

[Submitted by cureformax | Posted by Chris]

09\12\06 Tonight's Show Postponed

Tonight's show in San Antonio has been postponed. The venue's website says the following:

"The September 12 show with TOOL at the AT&T Center in San Antonio has been postponed due to illness. The September 12 show will be rescheduled for another date and all tickets purchased for the September 12 show will be honored for that rescheduled performance. Information regarding the rescheduled date will be forthcoming. Once the rescheduled date has been announced, if you are unable to attend, refunds will be made available at the point of purchase."

Based on the reviews we've gotten from the last few nights, the illness mentioned is likely Maynard being sick. §

[Submitted by Chad Montgomery | Posted by Kabir]

09\09\06 Links Updated

It's been a long time coming, but the Links section of this site has finally been updated, condensed, redesigned, and cleaned up. (It is actually now part of the More section, but you probably don't care that much.) Automatic posting of links is now disabled, which will keep the list from becoming the useless mess it has been for the past few years. We'll try to keep the list short, and worth investigating. §

[Posted by Kabir]

09\07\06 SMS Your Wings Thanks Gooood Times

I just got an SMS message from Kabir, who is attending tonight's show in LA. "Wings for Marie" and "10,000 Days" both debuted tonight and, according to Kabir, sound fantastic. §

Also, a quick thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes in the last few weeks. It's quite humbling to get so many congratulations from an internet full of strangers. §

[Posted by Chris]

Yeah, that was a good time, being there for the debut performance of "Wings for Marie" / "10,000 Days." For more, you can read my review of the first Los Angeles show (and many other reviews as well). And perhaps we'll see you Friday night at the second Los Angeles show - check the Upcoming Concerts forum in the Opinion section for the details! Nothing fancy, just a quick hello and a drink. See y'all. §

[Posted by Kabir]

08\21\06 Sober? Here Comes the Bride-well

If you haven't been reading this week's concert reviews posted to the Tour page, you might have not yet learned that Metallica's Kirk Hammett joined Tool on guitar during "Sober" ... §

Congratulations are in order for one of our site editors: Chris Brightwell and his wife were married this weekend! §

[Posted by Kabir]

08\17\06 Down Under 11 (but Not Saying Goodbye) Rosetta Lyrics!!

Two new tour dates have been scheduled in Australia for January 2007, marking Tool's first live performances there since 2002. Details are on the Tour page. Perhaps there will be more dates in the region announced soon as well ... §

Today is the 11th birthday of t.d.n! Eleven years ago, this site went from being a one-page document to being a full-service website; I can honestly say that I had no idea it would still be going strong more than a decade later. That we're still around speaks loudly about the collective strength of fans of the band, and fans of the site as well. Thank you all for sticking around through the good times and the quiet years ... and Happy Birthday, The Tool Page! (Try it, it's kind of hard to sing.) §

And as a birthday present to t.d.n (or not), official lyrics to "Rosetta Stoned" have been released!! Check the lyrics section for all the "yogi" and "uncle Martin." Turns out you guys were all very close for the most part. §

[Posted by Kabir]

08\08\06 On the Road Again The Making of ...

The fall US/Canada tour (with a few shows in Asia) is underway and reviews are flowing into the tour page pretty steadily. If you need some help finding tickets, on-sale info, directions, a ride, or anything else, check out the upcoming concerts forum. §

A few folks have sent in an article featuring Joe Baressi and Bob Ludwig as they discuss the making of "10,000 Days." §

[Posted by Chris]

07\22\06 Tour update

Tour dates just keep on coming in; seems Tool weren't kidding when they told European crowds that they would "see them in the fall." Check the Tour page for all the details. Also, for those of you who missed out this morning on good seats to the Los Angeles show, a second one was added at about 10:45 AM ... and it seems that all the scalpers had already gone home by then ... good luck. §

[Posted by Kabir]

07\09\06 Fall USA tour dates

A new chunk of tour dates has been released; they're now posted to the Tour section. Maybe Tool will be playing your town this September! §

[Posted by Kabir]

06\20\06 Canadian Dates It's Official!

According to Ticketmaster, Tool has scheduled three Canadian shows for August 22-25. §

Just my luck ... I leave a 'net connection for a few hours and the Official Site drops a stack of fresh tour dates. The Tour page has been updated. §

[Posted by Chris]

06\19\06 US Tour Date Reviews Fixed

According to radio station Rock 94.5, Tool will play The Gorge in George, WA on August 27th. Tickets go on sale June 24th ($50-$65), according to KISW FM. For anyone keeping score, this puts an end to the "Tool at the Reading Festival" rumors.

Thanks to everyone who PMed me in the Opinion forum with the heads-up. §

I finally updated the tour section with links to review threads for several shows. Sorry for the delay. §

[Posted by Chris]

06\10\06 10,000 x 200

In the last few days, we reached a new milestone here at The Tool Page: over two million unique visitors to the site this year so far. That's like having four million eyes reading t.d.n this year (well, maybe less, if any of you have only one eye; or more, if any of you have a third eye). Thanks for your continued support, everybody. §

[Posted by Kabir]

06\09\06 Ten Billion Days

"10,000 Days" has been confirmed platinum in the US, representing sales of over one million copies of the new album! That didn't take very long. Congratulations to Tool on yet another platinum record. "10,000 Days" is still, by the way, in the Billboard Top 10. §

[Submitted by Jake Williams | Posted by Kabir]

06\06\06 Amsterdamn Confirmed

Tool is finally confirmed to be playing the June 27 show in Amsterdam. Thanks to everyone for the heads up. §

[Posted by Chris]

Happy 6/6/6! Some of you may have read the news stories today that families all over the place were scrambling to avoid having their kids today, because of the "stigma" that they would face the rest of their lives. To this, I say "come on now - wouldn't you want to be born today?!" Enjoy. §

[Posted by Kabir]

05\22\06 Back, in the USA

We all knew more US tour dates were on tap for the fall, but here's one for the summer. Tool will be headlining the Street Scene festival in San Diego. Check the Tour page for more info. §

[Posted by Kabir]

05\12\06 10,000 / 10,000 10,000 x 100

So not only did "10,000 Days" go #1 in the US, but it also has charted as the #1 album in many European countries, and in New Zealand. Not bad for a band nobody has heard of... §

It has been roughly three and a half years since the Opinion forums launched in their current format, and we just had our one millionth post. Thanks once again to everyone for supporting the site, and thanks again to our friend Dan for having made me turn the Opinion section into a real forum back in 2002. §

[Posted by Kabir]

05\10\06 #1 in the US "Vicarious" DVD Fall Tour Confirmed

According to Neilsen SoundScan, "10,000 Days" sold a whopping 564,000 copies in its first week here in the US, landing at #1 in the Billboard Top 200 and outselling Pearl Jam's new album (#2) by a little more than 2-to-1. § is reporting that a DVD single for "Vicarious" is due in the next few weeks. Could this be the June 6 (6/6/06) release we keep hearing rumors of? §

The same article (see above) also has this to say:

After completing a round of American dates later this month and ensuing tours of Europe and Japan, [Tool] will return to the States in the fall.

Just don't plan to see them during the harvest: Maynard plans to be with his winery during the harvest season, so Tool will taking a break from touring then. §

[Posted by Chris]

05\08\06 Number 1, mate Lyrics again Makeover

Well well. "10,000 Days" debuted at #1 on the Australian ARIA charts, and has been certified platinum Down Under as well (meaning 70,000 copies sold in its first week alone). Not bad. §

Lyrics for each song on the new album have been posted to the Lyrics section of this site. They are not official; as mentioned below, they contain numerous options for what certain words may be, to provide you a starting point for deciphering the album's many words (and many meanings). §

The site redesign continues. It is a daunting task, given how many hundreds of pages we have, but we're chipping away at it. A new-look Tour page is also finally up. §

[Posted by Kabir]

05\04\06 Lyric update Meta-news

Lyrics to the new album are making their way onto the "10,000 Days" page in the Lyrics section. There are numerous versions floating around online; the reason it is taking a day or two to get the complete album posted is that we're not interested in just posting one version, calling it canon, and forcing you to agree. With so many words still in dispute absent an official lyric sheet, the Lyrics page will reflect the best available options, to provide you a starting point so that you can draw your own conclusions.

So we're weeding through everyone's opinions and merging together the best consensus guesses. Come by the Opinion forums and weigh in on the discussion! §

The site redesign continues; thanks to all of you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new look. The Feedback section is nearly re-done, and we finally caught up with the rest of the internet: there's now a little icon up there in the address bar of your browser.

Plus, we did break the record for visitors to this site in one day twice in recent weeks. The old record was 51,000-some set the day "Lateralus" came out. The day the "Vicarious" single hit the radio two weeks ago (also the day a certain kind of file may have leaked), we had 62,602 visitors, and yesterday we welcomed a whopping 64,987 readers -- that's like having an entire football stadium of people stopping by. Interestingly, we didn't break the record on the new album's release day, only on the day after. It is probably a good thing that people were listening to the record instead of trying to read along with the Lyrics (another reason we dawdled on posting them). Thank you all for still coming by after all these years. §

[Posted by Kabir]

05\02\06 NEW RECORD RELEASED Redesign Black Sheep Radio (Again)

TOOL'S ALBUM "10,000 DAYS" RELEASED TODAY!!!! Don't wait, go get yourself a copy (maybe a second one for the car)! Who knows, this might be the last Tool release day we see for quite some time, so take advantage of the opportunity to support the band that has supported you through the years. §

And to celebrate, we're finally making the big move to eliminate web-frames forever. (It is actually a coincidence that every time Tool drops a new record, this site gets a new look.) A week ago the Lyrics section got rebuilt, now the front, the News, and a few other pages are sporting a new look. You will probably find some bugs, and we will probably be making tweaks as we go, but it's still the same t.d.n on the inside.

Don't feel bad for the old site menu. After working hard for five years, it will join this old friend (remember those days?) in the archives. As we redesign, the site menu may not be available on all pages (until we finish implementing the new header/menu design onto the remaining few hundred pages). You might want to browse with the old menu if this causes you any problems. This time around, we promise to finish what we started, hopefully making the site faster and more expandable in the process. §

[Posted by Kabir]

I just got an email from Patrick, host of last night's two-hour Tool special on Black Sheep Radio:

We maxed out the ports on the servers, so I don't know if they stayed up for the whole show. We more than quadrupled the previous record for online listeners. I'll be replaying the show on Sunday at 3AM EDT for time zone-challenged listeners.

He played a mix of live Tool from 1992 through 2002 and included a few gems such as the highly sought-after "lounge" version of Hooker with a Penis. If you missed it, be sure to tune in Sunday night. §

[Posted by Chris]

05\01\06 Tomorrow Coachella Flickr Reminder

Happy May! So, there's a new Tool album coming out nationwide tonight at midnight. I guess that counts as Tool news, right? Just making sure you all know.

If you've read reviews of last night's show, you know that the band acknowledged that many people have already downloaded "10,000 Days," but they hope you buy it anyway. "Lateralus" debuted at #1 when it came out, and this week you have a chance to help this new record do the same thing... §

And yes, last night, Tool played their first show in over three years, debuting three new songs and generally blowing people away. Fans are busy posting concert reviews to the Tour page; here at noon, 17,000+ of you have already checked them out! Thanks to the wonder of modern SMS technology, we managed to get a setlist posted as the show progressed. Check the Tour page for all the reviews as they roll in. §

As if today wasn't full of news already, if you check out "The Daily Show" tonight, you'll see a segment I directed. §

[Posted by Kabir]

I've started a Flickr group pool to post live Tool images. You'll find details here. §

Just a quick reminder that Black Sheep Radio will be playing host to two live hours of Tool tonight starting at 10PM EDT. If you're not near enough to get it over the air, you can try your luck in getting it over the 'net. §

[Posted by Chris]

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