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12\10\07 This and That Puscifer (Oops) Tonight?

Hey folks. Seems the last five weeks of updates to this News page didn't appear on the website (they were posted, but not live for some reason), and consequently didn't actually show up here until just now. Here I was trying to figure out why some of you were frantically writing in about news that was already up, and now ... well ... heh. Sorry for any inconvenience. Scroll down and catch up on the last few bits of relevant info!

In fact, it seems we owe an apology to our friend Maynard; somehow mention of his band Puscifer slipped through the cracks here! Yes, for those of you who still don't know, and for those of you will forgive this omission by our staff, Puscifer released their debut album "V is for Vagina" a few weeks ago. As penance, we'll break with our twelve-year-old tradition of not linking to YouTube videos here in the News to bring you a live recording of their song "Cuntry Boner"! §

And, if I can get my paws on an extra ticket, perhaps I'll see you at tonight's show in LA! §

[Posted by Kabir]

12\07\07 Grammy Nomination!

It's that time of year - Grammy nominations are out, and while Kanye West seems to have done really well, you'll be pleased to know that Tool has gotten in on the fun. "The Pot" has been nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance.

It may be worth noting that this now counts as "Hard Rock"; Tool won the Grammy for Best Metal Performance in 2002 for "Schism" and 1998 for "Ænema." So ... "Schism" is "metal" and "The Pot" is "hard rock." Go figure. Congrats to the band, either way. §

[Posted by Kabir]

12\03\07 Missing Missoula

Bad news for you Montana folks - tonight's show has been cancelled. Seems Maynard has come down with a throat illness. It remains to be seen when / if this show will be rescheduled. §

[Posted by Kabir]

11\30\07 Eye on the DV...D

More info is trickling in about the upcoming "Vicarious" DVD single. Looks like it will have the video (information we've gotten shows a longer running time than the song, though we think this is a typo), audio commentary, possibly behind-the-scenes footage, and some yet-unannounced bonuses. Bonii. Whichever. You get the point. §

[Posted by Kabir]

11\04\07 Vicarious Video!

After nearly a year of speculation, finally some word about the long-rumored "Vicarious" video. Word is that we can expect a DVD release on December 18! If the rumors are true, there will be more than just the music video to look forward to ... §

[Posted by Kabir]

10\27\07 Shine On Tour Update

The Official lyrics for "Jambi" that have been released are now posted to the Lyrics section. They were a Tool Army exclusive, but now you can go see how right or wrong you were about exactly what kind of "withering away" is taking place. §

Also, seems we had a server hiccup; the Tour page was updated with the latest tour dates but then they disappeared. This has been corrected and the Tour page now has the latest itinerary. §

[Posted by Kabir]

10\02\07 Touring, still!

As expected, a chunk of new tour dates around the edges of the US has been announced (OK fine, and there's one in Wyoming too). More dates are likely, as the Tool touring juggernaut continues. As for the summer, apologies to all for not having activated links to reviews. Further accounting for the summer should be available online soon. §

[Posted by Kabir]

08\17\07 Happy Birthday!!!

Today is the 12th anniversary of the News page here at The Tool Page! Twelve years ago this website went from "page" to "site", so today technically is t.d.n's birthday. Thanks to all of you for continuing to come by after all this time; and a special shout to any of you who have been around the whole time. Toolshed, as the saying goes, you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too. §

[Posted by Kabir]

07\15\07 About About

Just in time for the Ides of July (and equally as exciting, honestly): the About section of this site has finally been updated. §

[Posted by Kabir]

07\12\07 Sorry About That

Hey folks. Sorry about the delay in updating the Tour section calendar and reviews. The Tour section is now updated, and reviews are caught up as well. Sometimes, time just gets away from you. Thank you all for being patient, and thanks also to those of you who pestered us to get it working. §

[Posted by Kabir]

06\13\07 A movie and a lawsuit?

Billboard ran an article today discussing a movie project from the band and a lawsuit from Cam de Leon. §

[Posted by Chris]

06\06\07 Tool to Play Bonnaroo ... Twice?

Grab your salt shakers, folks ...

According to JamBase, Tool will be playing both Thursday and Friday nights at Bonnaroo. I haven't been able to find a second source on this, but there it is. Scratch that. It seems to have been an error on their end.

Also, for those of you keeping up with all things Bonnaroo -- John Paul Jones, arguably most well-known as the bassist for Led Zeppelin, will be part of the foundation for this year's so-called "SuperJam", scheduled for Friday (June 15th) at midnight. Here's hoping he joins Tool on-stage during their set for a once-in-a-lifetime performance of "No Quarter." §

[Posted by Chris]

06\05\07 It's been a while ... Tour Updates Bonnaroo Chatter

Wow. Have we been slacking, or what? There have been a lot of little things going on, all of which have been discussed in the forum. If this page gets quiet, rest assured that you can get any news you need from there. §

I just added a whole stack of new tour dates to the tour page, including a return to the European festival season. Most of those dates are assuredly old news by now, but there they are. §

Stuart Copeland (known for his drumming with bands like Oysterhead and the Police), in an interview with SPIN, mentioned Tool as one of the top acts to see at this year's Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. §

[Posted by Chris]

04\27\07 On The Road Again

Tonight, the Tool tour juggernaut fires up its engines again, as the band sets out for a new block of shows across North America. We hear that Danny's arm is back to normal, and we're all curious to hear what you folks who will be going to a show have to say about your concert experiences. So break out your tickets, put on a black shirt (not a Tool shirt - don't be that guy), and head for the Tour section to post your concert review when you get back from your show! And to the band, break a leg, guys. (Not a bicep.) §

[Posted by Kabir]

04\21\07 Practically May Fools By Now

Well well well. Turns out sometimes, you make an April Fools' Day news post about Danny's arm not healing, and then you get really busy with work, and you just don't have time to update / remove / correct it. Further, it turns out that sometimes if you leave that post up long enough, people start to wonder whether they were right to question its veracity. And of course, leave it up for just long enough, and Spin Magazine goes and reports it as true. Sounds like a success to me. Sorry for the delay, folks, and we'll get a full update online for you soon. §

[Posted by Kabir]

04\07\07 Bonnaroo Update

According to Pollstar, Tool will be headlining Friday night at Bonnaroo. We'd known that they would be headlining part of the festival for a while, but this is the first indication as to which day they'll be headlining. §

[Posted by Chris]

03\08\07 Lateralus Defined

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has released its latest "200 Definitive Albums" list, where you'll find Lateralus seated at #123. §

[Posted by Chris]

03\07\07 Tour Update x2

Nearly a dozen rescheduled dates have been announced, implicitly confirming that Tool is still on-track to appear at Bonnaroo. Check the tour page for details. §

Another update. Check the tour page. §

[Posted by Chris]

02\24\07 I can't buy what I want to ...

As most of you probably noticed, a whole stack of on-sale times came and went this morning, but nothing ever went on-sale. It makes sense that Ticketmaster wouldn't want to sell tickets to shows that are already postponed, but stranger things have happened. §

[Posted by Chris]

02\22\07 Tool Still on for 'Roo

According to and, Tool is still expected to be a co-headliner for this year's Bonnaroo Festival, despite Danny's recent injury. §

[Posted by Chris]

02\21\07 Bad News, Folks.

The upcoming US tour is going to be rescheduled, due to Danny tearing a bicep. New dates will be available soon.

Maybe he can learn something from the drummer for Def Leppard.

All kidding aside, we here at t.d.n wish Danny the speediest of recoveries. §

[Posted by Chris]

02\14\07 Tool ... at Bonnaroo!

It's official, folks: Tool will one of the headliners this year's Bonnaroo festival. The festival is scheduled for June 14-17 in Manchester, TN and tickets start at around $200. §

[Posted by Chris]

02\13\07 Tool ... at Bonnaroo? Tour Update

Word on the street is that someone at screwed up last night and leaked tomorrow's initial lineup announcment. The big surprise? Tool. Tune in tomorrow for an update.

UPDATE: JamBase seems to have an early update for us, confirming that Tool will appear alongside The Police and Widespread Panic. See you in Tennessee! §

New tour dates have been added, thanks to §

[Posted by Chris]

02\11\07 And the Grammy Goes To...

Tool (specifically Adam, as art director) has won the Grammy for Best Recording Package, for the packaging of "10,000 Days"!! The song "Vicarious", however, did not win its category ("Best Hard Rock Performance"), losing to a Wolfmother song somehow. Check out the complete list of winners at the Grammys site.

This year's result is the inverse of what happened in early 1997: then, Tool won the Grammy for Best Metal Performance for "Ænema", and "Ænima" was nominated for (but did not win for) Best Recording Package. A little trivia for you on Sunday now that football is over. §

[Submitted by Matt M | Posted by Kabir]

02\04\07 LiveNation Fumbles El Paso Show Moved, Tour Page Updated

LiveNation rescinded, apparently, and there's no show in Pennsylvania. Not yet, anyway. §

The show originally scheduled for El Paso has been moved up the road to Las Cruces. Several other tour dates have recently been added to the itinerary, as well. Check out the tour section for all the details. §

[Posted by Chris]

02\04\07 Tool in PA, OK?

LiveNation seems to have spilled the beans on a Tool show in Erie, PA on March 29th. At the same time, the Ford Center in Oklahoma City is advertising that Tool will play there on March 29th.

Tickets for both shows go on-sale the 10th at 10am local. Maybe Tool has finally figured out how to be in two places at once. §

[Posted by Chris]

01\31\07 Give Me My, Give Me My Lyrics

Official lyrics to "Wings for Marie" and "10,000 Days (Wings pt 2)" are now available in the Lyrics section! The consensus guesses we had posted earlier were actually very close; only one or two surprises to be found. So go check it out, see who is really ignorant in the congregation. §

[Posted by Kabir]

01\25\07 Tour Update Melbourne Re-Release

I just posted a handful of new tour dates, with more to come. §

[Posted by Chris]

Also, head over to if you're trying to find Melbourne tickets. They just released a new batch, which are the first to be on sale since way back in August. §

[Submitted by Eamon | Posted by Chris]

01\23\07 Sydney Reminder RATM Reunion

Ticketmaster has been sending emails to folks who bought tickets for the Sydney show on the 24th, confirming or reminding us that there will be no opening act and that Tool is expected to take the stage around 8pm. §

Also, if you missed it yesterday, Rage Against the Machine is reuniting for (at least) one show: Coachella 2007. §

[Posted by Chris]

01\21\07 Arizona Bay

Radio station KFMA has sent an email to its listeners announcing another show: Wednesday, March 21st at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, AZ. Tickets go on sale, for seating and general admission, on 1/27 at 10am (MST) through Ticketmaster. §

[Submitted by Patrick Valenzuela | Posted by Chris]

01\20\07 Rumored New Date You Missed It

Well well. It seems a list of rumored upcoming spring tour dates is floating around the internet, having been posted to the Opinion forums here. What is extremely interesting about these dates is that the second half of those reported dates not only have the same locations - and are in the same order - as the Fall 2002 tour, but they have the same dates of the month, with the month changed to be in the spring. And some of the venue names are actually those venues' former (circa 2002) names. Draw your own conclusions.

As soon as a new tour itinerary is announced, we'll post it to the Tour page and will note it here. Meanwhile there is a new show or two trickling in, and they have been posted to the Tour page. §

Also, seems you missed your chance to wish your old pal Kabir a happy birthday on the 11th. Looks like it'll have to be next year. §

[Posted by Kabir]

01\19\07 Rediscover Ticket Sales newsfrom.down.under

Scratch what I said yesterday about the San Antonio show being sold out. Tickets are on-sale right now. If you have tickets from the July on-sale, you're good to go. If you don't, here's your chance. §

[Posted by Chris]

An old friend writes in with three quick updates. First, the Sydney show on the 24 has no supporting act, despite what the ticket says. Second, Serj Tankian (from System of a Down) joined the band on-stage last night to do guest vocals for "Sober." And finally, last night, MJK said that they would be, "back in November." §

[Submitted by Eamon | Posted by Chris]

01\18\07 Texas Comes Back Around

TicketMaster has posted info on the San Antonio show, so mark your calendar for March 26th. The show looks to be sold-out (tickets have been on sale for six months, y'know), but TM says that those tickets you bought back in July will be honored. §

[Submitted by Rhapsody | Posted by Chris]

01\06\07 New Japan Show BDO Set Length Info Tool in Texas

Tool's added another show to their Japan tour. They'll be playing again in Tokyo on February 10th. §

[ Submitted by ajen_trypt | Posted by Chris ]

The official website for Big Day Out has posted a nice piece of info: Tool has been slotted for a longer-than-normal setlist, weighing in around 90 minutes. §

[ Submitted by Eamon | Posted by Chris ]

An online ticketing site has listed tickets for a Tool show in San Antonio, TX on April 10th at the AT&T Center. This would be the rescheduled date for the missed show back in September. Spring tour confirmed? §

[ Submitted by Eamon | Posted by Chris ]

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